General Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions of MIRJAM BAX, located in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 34284804.

Article 1. General

1.1 These terms of sale apply to the website of MIRJAM BAX and all agreements undertaken with MIRJAM BAX. General terms and conditions are accepted upon placing an order.

1.2 Dutch Law applies to all offers and agreements of MIRJAM BAX.

Article 2. Offers and agreements

2.1 Agreements with MIRJAM BAX to deliver custom-made dresses are binding only after written confirmation.

2.2 Offers by MIRJAM BAX do not automatically apply to repeat orders.

2.3 MIRJAM BAX cannot be held liable for the offer if the customer logically should have understood that the offer, or part of the offer, contained an apparent error.

2.4 Additions, modifications and/or further agreements are effective only when agreed in writing.

2.5 MIRJAM BAX reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any prior announcement.

Article 3. Prices

All prices are in Euros and include tax (VAT). Shipping costs and costs for paying by credit card are not included in the price.

Article 4. Delivery

4.1 MIRJAM BAX charges shipping costs for (an) ordered dress(es). Delivery of (an) ordered dress(es) shall occur at the address known to MIRJAM BAX, other than temporary, and issued to the natural person at the delivery address.

4.2 The customer needs to sign for the delivery of the dress(es).

4.3 Delivery obligation is fulfilled by MIRJAM BAX when the dress(es) delivered by MIRJAM BAX is/are offered once to the customer, unless proven otherwise.

4.5 In case of refusal of the offered dress(es), the customer is fully responsible for return and the risk of damage or loss of the rejected dress(es).

4.6 A delivery time specified by MIRJAM BAX can never be considered as a deadline. The delivery time starts after all required information becomes known to MIRJAM BAX, upon which MIRJAM BAX will create and send the ordered dress(es).

4.7 MIRJAM BAX (contractor) will process orders as soon as possible, however within 10 working days. If this is not possible due to the fact that the ordered material and/or colour is not in stock or has been discontinued, or if there is a delay for other reasons, the consumer (client) will receive a message within 10 working days after placing the order, in which case he has the right to cancel the order without any costs.

Article 5. Return policy

The dresses are custom-made. If it can be shown that MIRJAM BAX did not deliver the ordered dress(es), MIRJAM BAX will take back the order and the amount paid will be refunded to credit card or bank account, depending on the payment.

NO exchange and/or refund can be made when the ordered dress(es) has/have been delivered.

Article 6. Force majeure

6.1 Force majeure means, besides as detailed in the law, all circumstances beyond MIRJAM BAX's control which hinder the delivery of her dresses or make it impossible, including interference in the Internet, disruptions in the electricity, failures in e-mail traffic and disturbances or changes in technology supplied by third parties.

6.2 When the period, in which fulfillment of the obligation by MIRJAM BAX is not possible by force majeure, lasts longer than 10 working days, either party can terminate the agreemant, without an obligation to pay compensation.

Article 7. Warranty

7.1 The customer is obliged to check the delivered dress(es) immediately upon receipt. Should the delivered dress(es) contain a mistake or be damaged, the customer is obliged to make these defects known immediately to MIRJAM BAX in writing (before returning it/them to MIRJAM BAX). The dress(es) must be returned in the original packaging and in new condition. The right to return expires completely when the dress(es) are worn or otherwise used after detection of occurred after wrong delivery.

7.2 When the customer complaint is found justified by MIRJAM BAX, MIRJAM BAX has the options to either to replace the delivered dress(es) free of charge or to refund the total amount paid by the customer.

7.3 This warranty does not apply when the customer acts wrongfully towards MIRJAM BAX, the customer modified the delivered dress(es) or had it/them modified or repaired by third parties or the delivered dress(es) is/are exposed to unusual circumstances or otherwise treated carelessly or contrary to the washing instructions on the label. MIRJAM BAX can never be held responsible for the consequences of an incorrect treatment of the dress(es).

Article 8. Payment

8.1 The order(ed) dresse(es) can only be created and sent after payment is received. You can pay by iDeal, credit card or bank transfer.

8.2 When paying by credit card the order will only be processed after the credit card company has approved the payment. When payment is not approved, MIRJAM BAX will inform the customer and agree alternative payment.

Article 9. Privacy

9.1 MIRJAM BAX respects the privacy of online visitors to her website and is the sole owner of the information obtained through this website, unless otherwise indicated. This information will not be sold, shared or let by MIRJAM BAX to third parties otherwise than stated in this privacy statement.

9.2 Information which identifies the visitor to the website of MIRJAM BAX, is supplied voluntarily by the visitor. This information can be used by MIRJAM BAX to make visits to the website as simple and enjoyable as possible. In special cases MIRJAM BAX is entitled to disclose information about a visitor when there is reason to believe that disclosing this information is required to identify, get in contact with or sue someone who intentionally or unintentionally disadvantages or harms the rights or property of MIRJAM BAX, other users of her website or others who may suffer.

9.3 MIRJAM BAX collects non-personal information about online visitors to determine the total number of visitors to the website, as well as the type of Internet browser and operating system.

Article 10. Intellectual property

MIRJAM BAX is the owner of this website. It is not allowed to publish or copy the website or any part of it without an explicit written permission of MIRJAM BAX.

Article 11. Liability

MIRJAM BAX excludes all liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind, in any way connected with the website.

Article 12. Disputes

12.1 For questions and/or complaints the customer can email Complaints are treated as soon as possible, but ultimately within one week. When this is not possible for any reason the customer will be informed of the duration of the delay.

12.2 The customer has the opportunity to submit the dispute to an independent arbitration board.