Special Requests

If you're having trouble finding properly fitted clothes, because you're quite long or rather small, your bust width might be larger in relation to your waist or hips or vice versa, then there is the possibility to send us an e-mail containing your measurements. We'll reply to you as soon as possible with the additional extra costs on top of the dress price of € 195,00. When you agree, the pattern will be completely adjusted for you and you'll receive your desired dress within 10 working days.

Currently we offer a palette of 8 colours options for the dresses and cream as a contrasting colour for the trims. If you prefer a special colour, please let us know by e-mail what you are after. We'll try our very best to source your preferred colour. This special order will have a price premium of € 50,00, as small pieces are more expensive due to relatively higher order costs from abroad.