It's also possible to change the sleeve length for € 15,00. When the length of both the dress and the sleeves should be adjusted, the additional costs will come down to € 30,00.

When your bust width is larger in relation to your waist and/or hips or vice versa (eg: bust size S, waist size M), please provide us with your measurements by e-mail. You'll receive an e-mail as soon as possible about the possibilities and a cost indication.

The following page will show you your desired dress of € 195,00 and any additional costs. For shipping within the Netherlands € 6.00 will be added.

When agreed, payment will follow by iDeal or credit card. A copy of the invoice can be printed when desired.

Once the payment is processed you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

The dress will be taken into production and delivered on your doorstep within the next 10 working days.

When you prefer your dress to be finished and delivered within 4 working days, this would be possible for an extra € 50,00.

In case we are unable to accommodate your request, you will receive a reply with the option to cancel your order.

As all dresses are made to order, we are unable to accept any returns. Should there be any problems with your desired dress, we'll do our very best to work out a suitable solution.

In case you have some doubt about the quality or colour of the fabric, please feel free to request a sample.

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